move a windows across the border of a monitor

stefano ligabue ste at
Wed Aug 11 23:06:19 PDT 2010

   little problem with the property setGeometry.
Mi pc boot the gnome desktop of 10.04 ubuntu net remix and i have 2 monitor.
When i send via dbus a command to set position and size of a windows all is ok 
when the windows remain in a monitor. If the windows move across a border the 
command don't work and the windows remain in a monitor.
If move with the mouse the window across the border (example: the corner upper 
left in the left monitor and the corner upper right in the second) and try to 
send the command all is ok and the command work correctly.
Strange problem: a windows needs the mouse to enter in two monitor.

I need to have a dbus application (konqueror) with a windows larger of a 
monitor. Similar problem when try to launch the application with big dimension
(example: konqueror -geometry 1400x1600+800+800: the application remain in 
only a monitor maximized

Any solution


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