About using dbus on arm Platform

ying.cheng ying.cheng at sseec.com.cn
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thanks very much!

I have tried what you tell me:

1. I input "  eval 'dbus-launch --auto-syntax'  " in Super terminal,  it output "-sh: eval: line 1: dbus-launch: not found";

2. I input "  eval './dbus-launch --auto-syntax'  " in Super terminal,  it output "DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS='unix:abstract=/tmp/

3. I input "./car -qws &", the car show in my touch panel.

4. I input "./controller -qws", the controller show in the touch panel, but it still show "disconnect".

It must be something wrong in my operation, could you tell me?

thanks again for your reply and i'm Looking forward to your reply!

PS: if I request the DBUS session bus be run when my application run, what should i do in my program?

Best Regards!

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On Monday 23. August 2010 07.09.34 ying.cheng wrote:
> Thanks for reading my email!
> 1. I could use the dbus-msvc-1.2.4 in windows XP(VS2008/Qt4.6.2) and in
> ubuntu(qt4.6.2).
> 2. now I run car&controller on the arm platform,the controller always show
> "disconnect". i have make sure that the "./dbus-daemon
> --config-file=session.conf" and the car are running. i have made some
> attempt:
>   A: I download the cross-compiled dbus-daemon and session.conf  to the
> arm-board. Then I could run the "./dbus-daemon --config-file=session.conf"
> command in the Super terminal, and the command is in the ps list.
>   B: I download the cross-compiled dbus-launch to the arm-board and add
> relative content to the arm file system. I could run the "./dbus-launch"
> and "./dbus-launch --auto-syntax" in the Super terminal too.
>   But even if i could find these commmands in the ps list, the controller
> still show "disconnect".
> please tell me what should i do in order to use dbus on the arm Platform.
> Maybe the file system should be modified and should include something?

The proper way to start the D-Bus session bus is:

	eval `dbus-launch --auto-syntax`

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