DBUS over Multiple Processors

Thomas Themel thomas at themel.com
Wed Aug 25 13:07:32 PDT 2010

Excerpts from Sathia Narayanan's message of Wed Aug 25 21:52:13 +0200 2010:
>  All i want is a stable/working model for DBUS's communicating with each
>  other making a big DBUS ring among multiple processors/machines.

Well, if you've read up on the DBus architecture, you'll know that this is not
what it was designed for. There is a TCP transport that comes with the
reference implementation, so communicating between machines is not a problem,
but the design still assumes that you run one DBus daemon and all services
connect to it. Note that AFAICT none of the default authentication mechanisms
work in a networking context (unless you're talking NFS homes, I guess), so you
have to accept anonymous connections or implement your own auth mechanism (and
a DBusServer app to run with it).

You can then start to bridge between DBuses on different hosts on the
application layer, but I'm not sure whether it's really such a good idea
given DBus's desktop emphasis.

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