TCP sockets and SO_REUSEADDR

Steffen Sledz sledz at
Tue Aug 31 00:38:24 PDT 2010

Am 30.08.2010 19:13, schrieb Lennart Poettering:
>> is there any reason why SO_REUSEADDR isn't set when opening a TCP listen socket
>> on Unix? I try to have a somewhat productive setup that includes running a
>> custom DBus config with TCP listeners, but killing and restarting the
>> dbus-daemon is tiresome because I have to wait for the TIME_WAIT sockets from
>> ex-clients to disappear before coming back up. Patch vs HEAD attached.
> I think there's no reason not to use SO_REUSEADDR. It's probably simply
> not there because so far D-Bus has been used very little for TCP
> transports.
> Could you please file this as a bug in bz, so that it isn't forgotten?
> (unless you already did that anyway).

No need for this. It's RESOLVED (see <>).


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