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I have exactly the same problem as Jim (

I am using Android éclair version which has DBus 1.02. I know it is quite old but there are not a lot of differences in the _ref/_unref/cache_or_finalize code between this and the latest release so an eventual fix should be applicable on the master branch as well.

What hasn't been mentioned is that the same assert is in the beginning of the same function as where the assert is triggered which probably proves that we are dealing with some concurrency issue.
I think that we have been running _unref in one function and when we are in the middle of the cache_or_finalize function, another thread is running the _ref function.

This is probably possible since we don't hold any locks when operating on the ref-counter.

What is the reason for not having a look when calling to application code? Are we afraid of recursion?

Best regards Ola

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