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Em Terça-feira, 14 de Dezembro de 2010, às 08:39:46, Olsson, Ola1 escreveu:
> Hi,
> I have exactly the same problem as Jim
> (
> I am using Android éclair version which has DBus 1.02. I know it is quite
> What is the reason for not having a look when calling to application code?
> Are we afraid of recursion?

That is the case: we are afraid of the user recursing into D-Bus code with 
locks in place, which would cause deadlocks. Instead, the code is designed so 
that any calls to user code drop all locks and reacquire when coming back. 
That also means the code must deal with reacquiring the state it had before, 
which may have changed.

Anyway, the reference counter code has been changed in D-Bus 1.4 to use the 
GCC built-ins __sync_add_and_fetch and __sync_sub_and_fetch instructions.

I have just tested my ARM compiler (GCC 4.4.1 by CodeSourcery 2010q1) and it 
handles the built-in just fine. I have also just tested the ARM build of D-Bus 
1.4 in Harmattan and I can confirm that the atomic code is being used.

So I suggest you simply upgrade.

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