choosing object paths and service names

Tim Hockin thockin at
Sun Feb 21 11:46:09 PST 2010

I'm retrofitting the machine check daemon
( to enable DBUS support, and I have
some questions on names.

 For background, the machine check daemon listens for machine check
events from the kernel and dispatches them to interested parties.
Previously this was only done through fork/exec and a custom UNIX

I've got DBUS support working and I want to get it checked in and
published.  So I need to choose an object path and service name.

On the one hand, I can use a domain that I own, for example:
org.hockin.MachineCheck and /org/hockin/MachineCheckNotifier.  But
that feels weird considering it's a personal domain and this
functionality is really kernel or machine oriented.

What other options are there, really?  Is there a "zone master" for
namespaces like org.kernel of whom I could request a namespace?  Would
it make more sense under org.freedesktop?  Or should I just go with my
own domain?

Last question, is there a naming convention for a simple service that
has a single interface?  In other words is something like this kosher?

service name : org.hockin.MachineCheck
object path : /org/hockin/MachineCheckNotifier
service interface : org.hockin.MachineCheckNotifier

I'm looking for best practices guidance on this.



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