Regarding reception of signals and messages sent from qt application to dbus-glib application.

Mukesh Savaliya Mukesh.Savaliya at
Mon Jul 5 23:32:17 PDT 2010

Hello all,


 I m trying to make a full communication between a qt and non-qt
application. I can call every function of myclass inside qt ,using

And its working fine.


Now, in order to send and receive messages and signals to and from qt and
nonqt application, I am doing this.


I am sending a signal with message as described @, as below.


QDBusMessage <>  message =
QDBusMessage <>
::createSignal("/", "", "ping");
message << "Hello, just wanted to say that I'm here.";
But, I don't know how can I receive this message and signal. What slot/logic
should I implement?
I don't know about dbus-glib, high level API, which can receive above
message and signal?
Please, forgive me with my poor English.
With regards,
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