name resolving of dbus-monitor output

Sven sven.2009 at
Fri Jul 16 05:46:02 PDT 2010

Hello dbus-ml,

when i use dbus-monitor the sender= value is numerical.
But i need to know the name (or at least figure out the pid somehow).
How can i do this?

thanx and regards, Sven

signal sender=:1.0 -> dest=(null destination)
 interface=org.freedesktop.Hal.Device; member=Condition
   string "ButtonPressed"
   string "power"
signal sender=:1.3 -> dest=(null destination) path=/com/nokia/mce/signal;; member=sig_device_mode_ind
   string "normal"
signal sender=:1.39 -> dest=(null destination)
 interface=org.kernel.kevent; member=add

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