Sending structure with signal from dbus-glib application to qt application.

Mukesh Savaliya Mukesh.Savaliya at
Fri Jul 16 04:22:24 PDT 2010

Hello all,


  I am entered into a big trouble while developing a project which uses Qt
and dbus-glib for IPC.

I can make two way communication with qt and dbus-glib(lets say it non-qt)
application. i.e. sending signal

And message method call to and fro.


 With this up to now I was sending string, array, and Integer etc. but at
now I want to send a structure from

Dbus-glib application to a qt application. Dbus-glib application doesn't
know anything about the structure it is  

getting from another application. It just needs to take the structure and
pass as arguments with signal to a 

qt application.


 I know about the marshaller and XML, but in that case also I should know
the data type and length.

Can some one please...please show me the way? Please reply me fast if its
possible. As This is urgent.

I would be very thankful to yours.


With regards,

Mukesh Savalliya.

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