passing structure with dbus asynchronous call.

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 I have seen this way back. But still it's not that what I want.

In my case marshaller will not work. Because the structure I will send,
doesn't contain fix elements. I have only the reference to a structure.

I have tried using GPtrArray and GArray ,and can see the whole stucutre data
in dbus-monitor with signature 'aay'. But I find difficult to receive this
on qt side. Because I am not able to implement a method in qt with the
arguments which matches with the 'aay' signature.

Pleae reply me some one from this onward.

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Hey Mukesh,

haven't implemented a structure passing on dbus. But searched a bit 
after reading your post.
May be you have seen this already but I will be glad if it helps. Check 
out following links:

I think I had found some example code some time back while googling for 
something similar. Couldn't find it today though. Try googling a bit 
harder, see if it helps.
Let me know how you did it once you are done.

Best luck,

Mukesh Savaliya wrote:
> Hello list,
>   I want to communicate two applications. One uses qdbus and another 
> is a dbus-glib. I have a reference to a structure, which is defined by 
> third application. My effort is to send this structure to a qt 
> application though dbus method call. Using what API I can send the 
> structure to a qt?
> Please reply some one. i am not getting answer from this list since 
> last few days, but still  I expect a reply.
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