dbus-cxx 0.7.0 released

Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. rvinyard at cs.nmsu.edu
Thu Mar 18 08:47:18 PDT 2010

dbus-cxx is a C++ wrapper for the dbus library

===== 0.7.0 =====

This release primarily features code cleanup, but in doing so there were
several minor feature additions, added documentation, bug fixes and minor
API changes.

== New Documentation and Tutorial ==
A quickstart guide has been added to the documentation. This will take you
through a simple client/server example.

The quickstart tutorial can be found in the documentation or on the
dbus-cxx website here:

Also, documentation has been added for many of the m4 generated templates.

== Cleanup ==
A significant portion of the cleanup related to the headers. As the
library grew and evolved the headers became messy, from old includes that
are no longer needed to templates that had very touchy include orders.
These have been significantly cleaned up and several key template headers
have been split into two parts with the first part declarations and the
second part definitions and specializations.

The utility.h header had also grown to include many things beyond simple
utility functions. The dbus typing functions have been split out into
types.h and the introspect() function has been properly incorporated into
the DBus::Connection class.

The functions related to signatures in utility.h have been moved into the
header signature.h along where DBus::Signature is.

== New API ==
* In cleaning up the macros that generate the sigc++ slot based
DBus::Method  templates support for void methods has been added.

* A force parameter was added to DBus::Object::add_child() to allow a
child with a similar name to be forced into the hierarchy replacing the
old child

== Key API Changes ==
* DBus::Dispatcher's constructor is now protected; use
DBus::Dispatcher::create() to allocate a smart pointer

* When a named object interface doesn't handle an incoming message, the
default interface is tried before failing.



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