Problem in calling a method of one java application from another java application using DBus.

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Sun Mar 21 11:39:42 PDT 2010

On Thu Mar 04 04:38, Shiv Nath Kumar wrote:
> interface TestDBusInt extends DBusInterface{
> public void myfun();
> }

>         // Getting and Displaying Introspection data on Remote Object.
>        * Introspectable intro = (Introspectable) bus1.getRemoteObject(
>                               "My.FirstBus", "/Test",
>                                Introspectable.class);


>         //Getting the remote object and calling a method of that object.
>   *DBusInterface db =bus1.getPeerRemoteObject("**My.FirstBus","/Test");
>         DBusAsyncReply<Boolean> stuffreply =bus1.callMethodAsync(db,"**
> myfun");*

Two things here: 

first, are you using Async for a particular reason, you can do this exactly as
you have in Introspectable above:

   Demo demo = (Demo) bus1.getPeerRemoteObject("My.FirstBus", "/Test");


   Demo demo = bus1.getPeerRemoteObject("My.FirstBus", "/Test", Demo.class);

then you can do:


Second thing, myfun returns void but you have DBusAsyncReply<Boolean>. Not sure
if that's causing the exception.


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