Java DBus Multiple returns?

Arigead captain.deadly at
Mon Mar 22 08:30:43 PDT 2010

Matthew Johnson wrote:
> On Fri Mar 19 12:56, Arigead wrote:
>> Anyhow when I try to call the get_attr() method in Java I get an error
>> indicating that I've got the wrong number of arguments from a call:
>> TestTuple<String, Variant<?>> tup = nav.get_attr("navit");
> Can you tell me exactly what the error message is?
> Matt

I'm on Java DBus 2.6 so maybe I should upgrade but I'm not sure what
difference if any that would make.

I converted the code I'm trying to write from an OSGi Bundle to a small
simple Java Application in a main. I've pasted the code [1]

And the error is again as before arguments:

Exception in thread "main"
org.freedesktop.dbus.exceptions.DBusExecutionException: wrong number of
	at org.freedesktop.dbus.RemoteInvocationHandler.invoke(Unknown Source)
	at org.jitch.$Proxy1.get_attr(Unknown Source)
	at org.jitch.Main.main(

At present I can't see what the problem is maybe I've over done it on
the coffee. I'll have a look at the dbus monitor to see if there's any
hint on that as to what's happening. Thanks for any ideas.


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