Spaces in paths and relocation

Fridrich Strba fridrich.strba at
Wed May 5 00:32:08 PDT 2010

Hello, good people,

I always tested dbus on Windows 7 in my home directory or with other
systems in virtual machines where the dbus tree was a part of shared
folders. This means that I never had used it in paths that contain
spaces. Yesterday, I moved evolution to the home directory of one
Windows XP laptop and I discovered a problem with the relocation of the
exec value from the service file. The error message was something like:
"cannot execute C:/Documents" which made the whole clear to me :)

Now, the question is: Is it right thing to do to escape the string one
gets from _dbus_get_install_root and relocate the whole "exec" into the
escaped prefix? Please, advise


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