How to use DBUS to listen for new email?

Michael max-dbus at
Mon May 24 15:37:38 PDT 2010

I am trying to write a simple widget that will interact with a mail client
(at least with Thunderbird) to - record new mail notifications and
optionally be able to signal Thunderbird to open a selected mail message.

The widget engine I am using(google gadgets for linux) has access to DBUS
System and Session buses.  As I see it, Thunderbird sends new mail
notifications to Gnome via DBUS (?) - how do I capture those signals and
what signals should I be looking for?

I wanted to start with capturing ALL notifications, and I cannot even get
that to work. By poking around  I am guessing I need to listen to something
in "/org/freedesktop/Notification" but I see no signals under that which
make sense.

I am really new to DBUS, so I have a feeling I am missing some basic
knowledge about DBUS. I tend to learn by doing, so can someone point me in
the right direction for doing this (or tell me if I am barking up the wrong

Thank you

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