Cannot connect to BT Headset after pairing, plz suggest

Yedire, Sandeep syedire at
Sun Oct 3 21:33:59 PDT 2010

Hello All,

I have been trying to connect to Bluetooth headset from the target.
I am able to see the connection status from pairing mode to paired
mode when I do ./agent 0000 <bdaddr>. Here Red-Blue blink will respond
to the agent(executable) and change to blue-blue blink.
Later Thru a2play or avtest, l2test (part of btsco, bluez) I get
connection refused-146. I tried hcidump running in back ground and
found connection refused -Security Block. Also the headset enters into
a mode where it does not take any pass-key.

I do find that pairing was successful but why do I get this error
message. Am I missing any step in between? Is there any place where
some pairing information is stored some where so that this remains in
connected state and do not ask for pass -key again.

Can some one take time to suggest me how pairing is to be done with
headset detailing in each step so that I don't miss any ?


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