d-bus for windows

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Mon Sep 13 22:48:25 PDT 2010

  Am 13.09.2010 10:34, schrieb Romain Pokrzywka:
> Hi,
> Please note that winDBus is outdated and shouldn't be used for new projects, it also lacks some critical bugfixes. It
> has now been merged fully upstream in the freedesktop dbus source code.
> The latest 1.4.x release of dbus is building and tested for Windows as well. There is only a slight glitch in the 1.4.0 
> release as the tarball doesn't include the CMake build files, but you can get those from the git repository, or wait for
> the 1.4.1 release tarballs.
or from the git snapshot tarballs 


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