Being interested in NameOwnerChanged for a namespace, not one name

Will Thompson will.thompson at
Wed Sep 15 06:02:34 PDT 2010


On 15/09/10 12:45, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> Uses like this are common. The MediaServerSpec uses the
> same prefix naming scheme. As does the device reservation spec.

Cool, good to hear it's not just us. :)

> It's a feature of the bus, not of the connection, hence I wouldn't
> attach this to the connection nego.

Good point.

> My suggestion would be to use an error of AddMatch for this
> negotiation. It's the nicest and simplemost thing you can do I think. i.e..:
> if (!AddMatch("fooo, arg0prefix=...."))
>          AddMatch("fooo");

The advantage of this scheme is that I don't need to write any more new 
code in the daemon, since this already works.

My vague objection to this is that right now people just assume AddMatch 
won't fail; but this change would only make it possibly fail in new code 
that uses arg0prefix. And the bindings can provide convenience API that 
does the fallback for you, so we'll only have to get this right in about 
5 places. :)

Okay, we've converged pretty quickly. I'll rebase the branch, update 
and get it ready for review.


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