Need help on setting D-Bus

Yedire, Sandeep syedire at
Mon Sep 27 07:17:38 PDT 2010

Hello there,
I am newbie to D-Bus. I am currently setting up connection for
Bluetooth Head-set and Target(MIPS ARC).  When I tried sending the
pass key to headset thru passkey agent, I get error message "Cant get
on system bus". I googled and found its related to D-Bus.

I have cross-compiled the dbus-1.2.24, expat, glib libraries and also
built bluez-4.69.
During the build of D-Bus I don't see system_bus_socket file being
created in that directory during the build process.

After login into target as root, I tried executing below commands
>export DBUG_VERBOSE=1
>dbus-daemon --system

But the dbus-daemon is not started. Instead I get segmentation fault.

My doubt: How do I start dbus-daemon on target? I understand this
needs to be running to establish communication between two
How do I start this daemon?
FYI my kernel version on target 2.6.18.

Please suggest on this.


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