dbus-java binding / microsoft windows

Matthew Johnson dbus at matthew.ath.cx
Fri Dec 23 02:28:27 PST 2011

On Fri Dec 23 08:09, bartolome moreno wrote:
> Hello List, 1- does anybody know, if the dbus-java bindind can be compiled
> (used) in microsoft windows?2- I´ve seen the dbus-java-2.7, and it seems it
> is only for linux. Am I right? Thanks a lotBart 		 	   		  


It's primarily aimed at Linux (since that's where DBus is primarily used), but
there's no reason it can't work under Windows, with a few caveats. The main
issues are that the build is controlled by Makefiles. If you compile it by
hand, or take the jars from compiling on Linux you should be fine. At one point
I think I put a batch file in there - but I never test it, so it probably won't

Note, however, that the default mode is 'Unix sockets' - which obviously won't
work on Windows, since it doesn't have any. The TCP transport will work fine,
however.  At build-time you will need the libunixsocket-java library jars (but
not the native library), but that won't be used if you ask for a TCP transport.


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