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 Hi Matt, thx for your answers.I´ve a little/last/basic question(s):) In Microsoft windows:-What is the TCP transport you mention below for?-Does it have some relation with tmp-session.conf?-How dbus-java communicate with dbus lib? Thx againBart > Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 10:28:27 +0000
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> On Fri Dec 23 08:09, bartolome moreno wrote:
> > Hello List, 1- does anybody know, if the dbus-java bindind can be compiled
> > (used) in microsoft windows?2- I´ve seen the dbus-java-2.7, and it seems it
> > is only for linux. Am I right? Thanks a lotBart 		 	   		  
> Hi, 
> It's primarily aimed at Linux (since that's where DBus is primarily used), but
> there's no reason it can't work under Windows, with a few caveats. The main
> issues are that the build is controlled by Makefiles. If you compile it by
> hand, or take the jars from compiling on Linux you should be fine. At one point
> I think I put a batch file in there - but I never test it, so it probably won't
> work!
> Note, however, that the default mode is 'Unix sockets' - which obviously won't
> work on Windows, since it doesn't have any. The TCP transport will work fine,
> however.  At build-time you will need the libunixsocket-java library jars (but
> not the native library), but that won't be used if you ask for a TCP transport.
> Matt
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