dbus as the IPC sync method

Pavel Strashkin pavel.strashkin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 00:11:38 PST 2011

I don't need any recommendations. I have an experience and the
projects which are the proof of right choice. When people are telling
me "you're doing wrong, you should wait for recommendations, bla bla
bla" while i'm carrying all this baggage, i just don't get it. Nothing
is gonna change unless you change it in your mind. TCP/IP is part of
dbus for years and if nobody is crying about it at each corner, it's
dbus team fault, they just missed the audience, but i'm glad that some
people found such really useful part of it and showed to me so i could
start use it and have fun.

Do not misjudge dbus + tcp/ip. This is the only what i wanted to say. Really.

2011/12/26 Ville M. Vainio <vivainio at gmail.com>:
> The fact that it works does not mean you should use it in this
> fashion, at least before being aware of the options.
> Unless something has changed and dbus is indeed being recommended for
> inter-machine comms these days.
> On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 8:52 AM, Pavel Strashkin
> <pavel.strashkin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I disagree with you, Ville. It does and it does pretty well, even in
>> cluster environment. It supports TCP/IP as a transport so you can do
>> whatever you want.
>> 2011/12/26 Ville M. Vainio <vivainio at gmail.com>:
>>> Dbus is not meant for comms between machines. Consider something like plain
>>> tcp sockets or zeromq.
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