Couldn't connect to Dbus from Tracker

tien dh tiendh11986 at
Wed Jan 26 01:17:19 PST 2011

I'm using tracker and facing with a critical problem.
When I type:
      tracker-control -s
 it shows:
    Starting miners…
      ✗ File System (perhaps a disabled plugin?)
      ✗ Applications (perhaps a disabled plugin?)
When I type:
It shows:
    Could not establish a D-Bus connection to Tracker
some other options give same result such as tracker-search.

I tried to hard and soft reset tracker with option -r and -e. After
that command, I type: dbus-lauch --sh-syntax tracker-control -s, it
   Starting miners…
 ✓ File System
 ✓ Applications
But after that, tracker-status still returns:
    Could not establish a D-Bus connection to Tracker

How can I solve this? Please help me ASAP

Do Huu Tien
Handphone No: 0972471786
Email: tiendh11986 at
Y!M: dohuu_tien86

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