More meaningful error message if sending a string with non-UTF-8 data ?

rony rony at
Tue Jul 5 11:53:31 PDT 2011

Hi there,

while experimenting with un/marshalling I stumbled over a case where I
was sending string data that was not in UTF-8.

It was possible to marshal it, however instead of a reply an error
message with the following name and message was received:

    Connection was disconnected before a reply was received

The error message's serial is 0 so I assume that the dbus implementation
stepped in.

Of course it is fine, if an error is raised if wrong UTF-8 encoded data
is transmitted, but would it be possible to have instead a more
meaningful error message returned, indicating the problem at hand? (It
took me quite some time to trace this down as the error message was not
really informative in this case.)


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