Dbus bindings for Java 1.1?

Matthew Johnson dbus at matthew.ath.cx
Wed Mar 9 16:16:04 PST 2011

On Wed Mar 09 17:16, Bill Gatliff wrote:
> Is anyone aware of any dbus bindings that will run under Java 1.1?

1.1?! No, none of them will run under Java 1.1.

What are you doing which only supports Java 1.1? Java 1.2 was released over 12
years ago, Java 1.5 (which the main bindings require) was released 7 years ago.

1.4 has been EOL for 3 years - 1.1 is so old it's not even listed on the EOL
page any more.

Even the Libre Java implementations have complete 1.4 support and almost
complete 1.5 support these days (aside from OpenJDK, which is obviously a
complete up-to-date implementation).

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