Dbus bindings for Java 1.1?

Bill Gatliff bgat at billgatliff.com
Wed Mar 9 16:50:41 PST 2011


On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 6:16 PM, Matthew Johnson <dbus at matthew.ath.cx> wrote:
> On Wed Mar 09 17:16, Bill Gatliff wrote:
>> Is anyone aware of any dbus bindings that will run under Java 1.1?
> 1.1?! No, none of them will run under Java 1.1.
> What are you doing which only supports Java 1.1? Java 1.2 was released over 12
> years ago, Java 1.5 (which the main bindings require) was released 7 years ago.
> 1.4 has been EOL for 3 years - 1.1 is so old it's not even listed on the EOL
> page any more.
> Even the Libre Java implementations have complete 1.4 support and almost
> complete 1.5 support these days (aside from OpenJDK, which is obviously a
> complete up-to-date implementation).

I'll spare you the details.  I was just asking the question.

But I will ask another, related question: does anyone know of any dbus
bindings that will run on pre-1.5 Java?

Bill Gatliff
bgat at billgatliff.com

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