Signal handler not getting invoked

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Fri Mar 25 05:47:44 PDT 2011


I'm facing a problem where the signal handler for signals registered is not getting called by  libdbus or dbus-glib.

The registration of signal happens properly and the signal is received by the application(it is seen in dbus-monitor). From libdbus compiled with debug prints it is seen,

1727: [dbus-connection.c(4685):dbus_connection_dispatch]   running object path dispatch on message 0x46d9d0 (signal SignalName 'ayby')
1727: [dbus-object-tree.c(818):_dbus_object_tree_dispatch_and_unlock] 0 handlers in the path tree for this message
1727: [dbus-object-tree.c(633):handle_default_introspect_and_unlock]  considering default Introspect() handler...

Does this mean that the signal handler is not getting registered properly? or the libdbus or dbus-glib is not calling the handler.

Thanks in advance,
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