Java dbus with UNIX_FD signature?

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Thu May 26 02:29:14 PDT 2011

On Thu May 26 10:09, Santiago Perez wrote:
> I'm using the Java dbus (version 2.7) implementation and I have problems working with a process that provides an UNIX_FD descriptor... 
> Has anyone achieved an implementation to support this data type? I'm fully lost..

I'm afraid Java dbus doesn't support passing FDs over dbus - it's not
immediately obvious what Java would do with it afterwards. I guess adding
another JNI wrapper as we do with the dbus socket would work, but I've not done
the work for that.

On a related note, if someone wants to join or take over the dbus-java
maintenance I would be happy, I'm not finding very much time to work on it
these days.


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