multiple system buses?

T.Michael Turney tmiket at
Fri May 27 19:36:02 PDT 2011

Scratch this question, closer examination of man page answers.
--system is short-hand for specific config file.

Sorry to have wasted group band-width.

Quoting "T.Michael Turney" <tmiket at>:

> Knowing that this subject is likely to generate some ridicule,
> I still feel compelled to ask the question.  I saw nothing in
> the archives that I reviewed that touches on this subject.
> Other than, "Why would you want to do that?" are there
> technical reasons that prevent multiple dbus-daemon
> processes from running on same box/server with --system
> command line arguments?
> Basically, can more than one dbus system bus exist on
> same hardware platform?
> Cheers,
> T.mike
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