building dbus windows from master in visual studio 2010

Ray Satiro raysatiro at
Fri May 27 20:49:13 PDT 2011

Hi I tried to build dbus but ran into some problems.
I'm working from master e7677fc83cbec9da1479b499f565a73897cd2240

I ran cmake and everything appeared successful but when I attempted to build the 
solution in VS it failed due to undefined address and daemon name. It looks like 
the option command is used incorrectly in cmake\CMakeLists.txt. I don't think 
option allows strings. I can't find it in the manual. I'm using cmake 2.8.4 in 
windows (latest).

I made some changes so that "dbus-daemon" is correctly set as the name and 
"nonce-tcp:" as the address. Then the cmake output looks like:
        Daemon executable name:  dbus-daemon
        System bus address:      nonce-tcp:
        Session bus address:      nonce-tcp:
        Test listen address:      tcp:host=localhost,port=12436

Previous revisions show "nonce-tcp:host=localhost,port=0" for session if nonce 
is requested. What is the status with nonce and what is the correct address 
string for windows now? Has nonce been tested well, and also is 
"tcp:host=localhost,port=12434" legacy now? How about for test listen address, 
should that be changed to nonce as well? How is the nonce file discovered by the 
client, and how does the client know what port (if any) to connect to in this 
new scenario? It doesn't seem to be documented yet. I can see when I start the 
daemon that it's listening on a port and a randomly named nonce file is in my 

Assuming the option command cannot be used to set a string other changes will 
need to be made in CMakeLists.txt.

18>..\..\dbus\bus\bus.c(1323): error C2143: syntax error : missing '{' before 

bus.c:1323 shows: static inline const char *
but in visual studio:
"The inline keyword is available only in C++."
so for c files maybe a common include with
#if _MSC_VER
#define inline __inline
I edited bus.c directly to get by.

Has anyone tested recently in windows? Should I go with a different branch? 
Please CC me on any reply

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