Bridge dbus to XMLRPC

Stefan Siller stfs1 at
Mon May 30 00:39:14 PDT 2011


I have to use some IPC connections on an embedded device and therefore I replaced my own FIFO based system with dbus, and everything is working fine.
I know that there are also possibilities to get onto dbus via ssh, but normally othere IPC possibilities like XMLRPC are used for RPC over network/web.

So my question is, if there is maybe something like a bridge available to connect dbus with XMLRPC.
Or at least some info’s if it really makes sense and what problems are expected.

Actually I don’t have real knowledge about XMLRPC but if there would be the possibility to introspect and access my DBus API via XMLRPC, 
this would be a great and ordinary network interface and woth a try.

Thanks very much and best regards,

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