building dbus windows from master in visual studio 2010

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Sat May 28 05:11:34 PDT 2011

Am 28.05.2011 05:49, schrieb Ray Satiro:
> Hi I tried to build dbus but ran into some problems.
> I'm working from master e7677fc83cbec9da1479b499f565a73897cd2240
> I ran cmake and everything appeared successful but when I attempted to build the
> solution in VS it failed due to undefined address and daemon name. It looks like
> the option command is used incorrectly in cmake\CMakeLists.txt. I don't think
> option allows strings. I can't find it in the manual. I'm using cmake 2.8.4 in
> windows (latest).
fixed in git master.
> I made some changes so that "dbus-daemon" is correctly set as the name and
> "nonce-tcp:" as the address. Then the cmake output looks like:
>          Daemon executable name:  dbus-daemon
>          System bus address:      nonce-tcp:
>          Session bus address:      nonce-tcp:
>          Test listen address:      tcp:host=localhost,port=12436
> Previous revisions show "nonce-tcp:host=localhost,port=0" for session if nonce
> is requested. What is the status with nonce and what is the correct address
> string for windows now? Has nonce been tested well, and also is
> "tcp:host=localhost,port=12434" legacy now? How about for test listen address,
> should that be changed to nonce as well? How is the nonce file discovered by the
> client, and how does the client know what port (if any) to connect to in this
> new scenario? It doesn't seem to be documented yet. I can see when I start the
> daemon that it's listening on a port and a randomly named nonce file is in my
> %temp%.
The nonce protocol has been provided by KDAB. Someone there will 
probably be able to say something more about this.
BTW: In the KDE port the autolaunch protocol is used by default.  Binary 
packages are available at or by 
using the installer located at
> Also:
> 18>..\..\dbus\bus\bus.c(1323): error C2143: syntax error : missing '{' before
> 'const'
> bus.c:1323 shows: static inline const char *
> but in visual studio:
> "The inline keyword is available only in C++."
> so for c files maybe a common include with
> #if _MSC_VER
> #define inline __inline
> #endif
> I edited bus.c directly to get by.
fixed in git too.
> Has anyone tested recently in windows?
dbus cmake builds are used in the KDE on windows port on a daily base 
with nmake and mingw generators.
> Should I go with a different branch?
No, see the notes above
> Please CC me on any reply

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