How to verify the capability of dbus IPC between two machines

尹YinXiaobiao yinxiaobiao at
Mon Nov 28 16:28:34 PST 2011

Hi all

    Sorry to interrupt twice.Because I cannot receive the my first
mail sent befor,resend it.

    I am a newbie at Dbus and this is my first mail in this maillist.
   By some investigate and look at the source code,I know that dbus
is using socket(tcp & unix domain socket) to transfer data.
   So it is possible for communication between two machines(or VM).

   Now my question is how to vevify this capability by dbus-send command.
   Can anyone give me  a hint?

   Thanks in advance.

Someone tell me that dbus do not listen on TCP by default,how to
enable TCP listen?

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