dbus-daemon doesn't drop old messages

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 05:41:20 PDT 2012


When a process is blocked (ex: deadlock bug), dbus-daemon memory (RSS)
grows slowly. If I unlock somehow the blocked process or if I kill the
blocked process, dbus-daemon memory doesn't go back to the initial

If I understood correctly, dbus-daemon keeps blocked messages
indefinitely. How can I configure dbus-daemon to drop these messages
after N seconds? (And maybe reply to the sender with a timeout error.)
A limit of 15 minutes would be ok in my case.

Or if it is not possible to specify a timeout, would it be possible to
limit the size of dbus-daemon message queue?

I tried to set max_replies_per_connection to 500 in session.conf, but
dbus-daemon memory is still growing.


Does "reply_timeout" limit of session.conf start when the message has
been received by the destination? Or since dbus-daemon receive a


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