Problems using dbus in a windows service

Gianluca Ghelli gghelli at
Fri Sep 14 01:12:03 PDT 2012

Hello everybody,

I've been using the windows port of DBus for a while and it worked very
well but I have now developed an application working as a windows system
service and it hangs when it tries to connect to the dbus-daemon on the
usual default port tcp:12434.
I also tried to launch the dbus-deamon as an NT Service using the WIndows
2008 sdk utilities instsrv.exe and runsrv.exe, it starts but you cannot
connect to it.
I'm using:

- Windows 7 64 bit Professional
- WinDBUS  1.24 and 1.6.x, the latter compiled winth msvc-10 and mingw

In the CMakefile there is a dbus-windows-service.c file enabled if you
check the option to enable the windows ervice but the file is missing also
from the Git head.
I wasn't able to understand why the DBus daemon is having troubles to work
with windows services, does anybody have any suggestion?
Thank you very much

Gianluca Ghelli
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