Starting the kdbus discussions

Lennart Poettering mzqohf at
Thu Dec 26 16:04:19 PST 2013


We today reached a milestone in kdbus development, that we have all the
bits in pieces in place to boot a full system with kdbus as system bus
and no dbus-daemon in the mix for it. The only missing bit is policy
enforcement, everything else is there.

This makes us comfortable to start discussion on the dbus ML regarding
the details and what this means for the dbus spec. I have put together a
document now that explains what we are doing and how to port a dbus1
library over to a kdbus backend. Much of this hopefully should end up in
the dbus spec one day.

(More information on the milestone you find here: )

Anyway, please have a look at that document, comments welcome.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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