Property Support for dbus-java

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Sun Jul 7 17:11:12 PDT 2013

On Thu Jun 27 18:23, Joachim Mairböck wrote:
> I have implemented property support in bin/CreateInterface, 
> RemoteInvocationHandler, ExportObject and the _defaulthandler in 
> AbstractConnection.
> I have made some quick tests in both directions with qdbusviewer as peer and 
> it was successful. I have not added test code directly to dbus-java though.
> I hope that the patch is useful to others as well and I would appreciate it if 
> you would accept it and integrate the code. I know that the code is far from 
> perfect and can be improved but it is a start with a working implementation.

I'm not actively maintaining dbus-java right at the moment. I'm not sure
whether anyone has taken up reviewing patches. Anyone interested in
contributing can probably arrange to get access.

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