[RFC] should we ignore unknown key in match rule?

Yang Chengwei chengwei.yang at intel.com
Mon Jun 24 00:26:17 PDT 2013

Hi List,

I just found that the *new* dbus-monitor can't run with the *old"
dbus-daemon. The error output like below:

Error: Unknown key "eavesdrop" in match rule

This is cause by "eavesdrop" is newly added to dbus to fix an issue:

So it introduced a compatibility issue.

Meanwhile, as D-Bus specification suggests for message header parse like

Again, if an implementation sees a header field code that it does not
expect, it must ignore that field, as it will be part of a new (but
compatible) version of this specification. This also applies to known
header fields appearing in unexpected messages, for example: if a signal
has a reply serial it must be ignored even though it has no meaning as
of this version of the spec. 

So I think it's applicable to the match rule, say: ignore unknown keys
in match rule.

This should avoid this kind of compatibility issue occurs again in
future if any new key introduced.

Any comment?

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