Possibility of 1.8.x release

Fridrich Strba fridrich.strba at bluewin.ch
Thu Nov 28 02:55:47 PST 2013

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Hello, Simon,

Thanks for your quick answer.

On 28/11/13 11:35, Simon McVittie wrote:
> When do you need it? I want to do stable branches as often as
> necessary, but not more often than that: if we stable-branch too
> soon, we end up trying to support more stable branches at once than
> we really need to, and that cuts into the limited amount of time
> that I and other maintainers can devote to D-Bus. The longer you
> leave it, the more new features you can have, but the less time you
> have to integrate it before you (presumably) freeze the distro.

I would love to have something that is having "stable" label for the
next SUSE Linux Enterprise release. And as I look at our road-maps,
end of January 2014 would be the last moment when I could get it in.
Maybe mid-January would be nice.

> Other than that, please report bugs upstream, provide patches for
> bugs if you can, and review patches that are important to you (or
> patches in general, really). If you're a distro maintainer for
> D-Bus, I hope you already know where the bug tracker is :-)

Sure, and also from my personal contributions some years ago during
the Windows porting effort :)

> As with any project, there's nothing magically more reliable about
> a new stable-branch: 1.8.0 will just be whatever happened to be in
> master at the time. The stability aspect is that after it has
> branched, only fixes with a high importance:diff ratio get applied
> to it, and there are no new features.

Yes, I realize that and dbus is pretty stable in the development
branch anyway. Just for enterprise product, I would strongly prefer to
have included something that can be labelled as "stable" to avoid
people being agitated :)

Thanks for your willingness to help us.



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