Missing org.freedesktop.UDisks signals (DBus 2.7 and Java)

Matthew Johnson dbus at matthew.ath.cx
Tue Sep 10 07:26:01 PDT 2013

On Mon Sep 09 12:29, mazzzta mazzzta wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> "If you plug it in again, does it give you another "Device added!" or is it
> now wedged in some fashion?"
> No, if I plugged it again I still got a "Device added!" message. It is
> DeviceRemoved the one I never got.
> From your new code the change of DBusInterface to Path seems to work for me
> now. However I'm still not able to make it work using DBusInterface.
> Luckily I only need to detect when a signal is sent and nothing else, so
> your code is enough for my purpose, however I believe that If I'd need the
> data provided by DBusInterface I would have been stuck again.

You can always turn a path into a DBusInterface, but doing so makes an
introspection request of the source. If that doesn't exist (because it's
disconnected, a-la dbus-send) or because it just doesn't send a response, then
the handler won't get called, since it can't create the stub. Therefore it's
always better to use Path at first. Using DBusInterface is just a convenience
and has some limitations.

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