How to interact with existing dbus session through sudo?

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Tue Mar 18 14:57:08 PDT 2014

 I don't understand why the dbus developers would want to prevent cron or sudo for a user from being able to interact with dbus-enabled applications for that user.

All I want to do is set user Louise's Pidgin instant messenger status to "offline" using purple-remote immediately prior to suspending the computer. If I don't do this, the instant messenger handle will appear online to my buddies even though I will no longer be connected -- for an indefinite period of time which spans a period of minutes in which any messages sent to me are irrecoverable, and worst of all, anyone who sends an instant message to me during this period is given no indication that their message will never be received.

I will appreciate any further assistance which may be provided.



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I really do appreciate your reply, but please note that, through additional trial and error, I have determined that it is in fact possible to interact with an existing dbus session through sudo ...

The fact that it may work is just a coincidence (a bug, even) and this might change in the future (by adding more careful checking). The D-Bus session bus designed only for processes in the session it was created for and in the future we might even use different transports and/or namespaces (kdbus etc.) that are not reachable form outside where the session is running. So any crude hack that might work today will surely break in the future.


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