ANNOUNCE: Net::DBus Perl binding release 1.1.0

Daniel P. Berrange dan at
Mon Mar 16 13:41:46 PDT 2015

I'm pleased to announce another release of the Perl binding for,
Net::DBus, version 1.1.0 is now available on CPAN

Online documentation and previous releases are available from the CPAN
module homepage:

Notable changes in this release include:
 - Support customizable timeouts on method calls
 - Fix invocation of properties
 - Fix example in object export tutorial
 - Introduce a new Net::DBus:ProxyObject providing an alternative
   approach for exporting objects
 - Cache objects when casting to interfaces
 - Treat NoReply as fatal when introspecting
 - Add UNIX file descriptor passing
 - Fix misc mistakes in POD docs
 - Fix error when when requesting bus names
 - Fix encoding of dict & variant types
 - Fix decoding of signatures with nested arrays
 - Update README to point to instead of
 - Fix handling of select() return value
 - Fix toggling of timeouts in reactor
 - Add 'strict_exceptions' annotation
 - Document missing constructor parameters.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this new release, whether by
bug reports, sending patches or simply testing the code.

Due to the pending shutdown of, the Net::DBus GIT repository
has moved sites to gitlab. The new location is

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