dbus activation on signal

WaLyong Cho walyong.cho at samsung.com
Thu Mar 19 03:27:19 PDT 2015

Hi all!

I'm working for Tizen. In Tizen, many of daemons are run as default even
they do not much things to listen some of dbus signal. I want to change
those to be activated by on-demand.

As I knew, dbus auto activation is only working for method call and
signal what has destination. But generally, in case of signal, the
signal destination is not of listener(what hope to be activated).

Is there any proper way to do this?

I thought about..
If dbus has no solution for this and it is not acceptable functionality,
make a new daemon. The new daemon will listen all of signals and a
special signal was sent then activate a set of other processes.
But when the activated process can not receive the signal. Because that
already sent in the past. New daemon can send the signal again but the
signal will be sent twice in the session.

Is there any nice method what I don't know?

Thank you in advance for comment.


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