Antwort: Re: No core dump on dbus-daemon crash

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Tue Mar 17 00:32:53 PDT 2015

Thank you Simon. We'll consider your suggestions and run a cyclic test 
to check what caused the segfault!

> On 16/03/15 16:43, Jean-Pierre.Bogler at wrote:
> > I'm currently hunting a bug where the dbus-daemon (version 1.6.4)
> > sporadically is killed by a SIGSEGV during system start.
> dbus 1.6.4 is about 2.5 years old and is vulnerable to CVE-2012-3524,
> ...
> Please consider not doing that. If you got dbus 1.6.4 from a specific
> vendor, either upgrade or get support from them.

I've read the Changelog and will talk to the responsible colleagues to 
consider the upgrade. 
However, before we upgrade I want to identify the issue to check if it 
already was fixed.

> This is probably because, in this configuration, it has called setuid(),
> triggering code paths in the kernel intended to protect processes that
> are privilege boundaries.

This seems to be the root cause!

> > If I remove "<user>messagebus</user>" from the system(1).conf. The 
> > dumps are written!
> This also means your dbus-daemon runs as root, which is a security and
> sanity risk.

I will only modify it for test purposes and run a cyclic test in order to 
get the issue again and record a 

> I suggest looking into systems that use the kernel's support for writing
> core dumps to a pipe, such as corekeeper.

There is already such a script. I removed it to simplify the "core dump 
chain" and it will be restored 
for the cyclic test. 
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