Padding at the end of message body?

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Mon May 30 21:00:01 UTC 2016

Thank you Simon,

I made some tests and it seems that it is safe to discard that part.

I'll make some patches later on, I've noticed a few missing pieces while
writing bindings.


2016-05-30 21:56 GMT+02:00 Simon McVittie <simon.mcvittie at>:

> On 30/05/16 18:14, marcin at wrote:
> > The message sometimes contains a bunch of null bytes after the body
> ...
> > The specification says "The message body need not end on an 8-byte
> > boundary." but "need not" does not equal "must not".
> Please check how the reference implementation (libdbus) would interpret
> those bytes: as an accepted-and-discarded part of the message you have
> quoted, as padding between messages, or as part of the next message.
> Whichever interpretation it would use, you can consider that to be
> correct. A patch to dbus-specification.xml contributed via
> <>
> clarifying which one is meant would also be appreciated.
> The reference dbus-daemon will usually disconnect clients that send
> anything that is considered malformed. If it doesn't, either that
> content is not considered malformed, or the reference dbus-daemon has a
> bug.
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