Sending new property to DBus in ModemManager

Thomas Bechtold thomasbechtold at
Mon Nov 19 16:03:54 UTC 2018


> daan vlaardingerbroek <danielvlaardingerbroek at> hat am 16. November 2018 um 13:27 geschrieben:
> I'm trying to get the connection steps for ModemManager to show on DBus, so
> I can access that data (which step it's in). I'm planning on making another
> property, which contains an enum for the different connection steps it can
> be in, after which I'll update the property at every connection step.
> But I can't find anywhere how ModemManager actually sends signals to DBus,
> I've tried searching through all the source code, but to no avail. What
> happens in the source code when I access something via DBus, and how can I
> add new properties to DBus?

Maybe try the ModemManager mailing list:



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