Announcing dbus 1.13.10

Simon McVittie smcv at
Mon May 13 23:05:32 UTC 2019

This is still a development branch for the adventurous, and comes with a
risk of regressions. OS distributions should stay with the 1.12.x branch,
unless they can commit to following the 1.13.x branch until it reaches
a 1.14.0 stable release at an unspecified point in the future.

Some of the changes in this release have been backported to the 1.12.x
branch and will be in a 1.12.14 release soon.

git tag: dbus-1.13.10

The “engineering brick” release.


• GLib >= 2.38 is required if full test coverage is enabled
  (reduced from 2.40 in dbus 1.12.x.)


• Third-party software should install default dbus policies for the system
  bus into ${datadir}/dbus-1/system.d (this has been supported since dbus
  1.10, released in August 2015). Installing default dbus policies in
  ${sysconfdir}/dbus-1/system.d is now considered to be deprecated. Policy
  files in ${sysconfdir}/dbus-1/system.d continue to be read, but this
  directory should only be used by system administrators wishing to
  override the default policies.

  The ${datadir} applicable to dbus is usually /usr/share and the
  ${sysconfdir} is usually /etc.

• A similar pattern applies to the session bus policies in session.d.


• D-Bus Specification 0.35:
  · Add UnixGroupIDs to GetConnectionCredentials()
    (dbus#196, dbus!105; Matthijs van Duin)
  · Remove some redundancies from the spec for interface names
    (dbus!102, Felipe Gasper)

• Raise soft fd limit to match hard limit, even if unprivileged.
  This makes session buses with many clients, or with clients that make
  heavy use of fd-passing, less likely to suffer from fd exhaustion.
  (dbus!103, Simon McVittie)

• On Linux 4.13 or later when built against a suitable glibc version,
  GetConnectionCredentials() now includes UnixGroupIDs, the effective
  group IDs of the initiator of the connection, taken from
  SO_PEERGROUPS. (dbus#196, dbus!105; Matthijs van Duin)

• Embedded/special-purpose builds of dbus can now be configured with
  --disable-traditional-activation, to disable services being launched
  as a subprocess of the dbus-daemon. This allows the system dbus-daemon
  to be run in a more tightly restricted security profile (an example
  "drop-in" for systemd is provided).

  If systemd support is enabled, then services with a SystemdService
  configured can still be activated in these builds, via IPC to systemd.
  Otherwise, services will not be activatable at all.

  Please note that this option is not suitable for general-purpose
  Linux distributions that are intended to support running third-party
  D-Bus services.

  (dbus!107, Topi Miettinen)

• Move CMake build system to top level, matching normal practice for
  CMake projects (dbus!84, Ralf Habacker)

• Reformat CMake files (dbus#252, dbus!82, dbus!91; Ralf Habacker)

• Avoid GLib 2.40 dependencies (dbus!79, Ralf Habacker)

• Officially deprecate packaged XML policies in ${sysconfdir}, and
  document how to install system services correctly
  (dbus!76, Simon McVittie)

• Add AddressSanitizer and ubsan support (dbus!57, Simon McVittie)


• If a privileged dbus-daemon has a hard fd limit greater than 64K, don't
  reduce it to 64K, ensuring that we can put back the original fd limits
  when carrying out traditional (non-systemd) activation. This fixes a
  regression with systemd >= 240 in which system services inherited
  dbus-daemon's hard and soft limit of 64K fds, instead of the intended
  soft limit of 1K and hard limit of 512K or 1M.
  (dbus!103, Debian#928877; Simon McVittie)

• Fix build failures caused by an AX_CODE_COVERAGE API change in newer
  autoconf-archive versions (dbus#249, dbus!88; Simon McVittie)

• Fix build failures with newer autoconf-archive versions that include
  AX_-prefixed shell variable names (dbus#249, dbus!86; Simon McVittie)

• Avoid possible memory corruption in certain DBusHashTableIter use
  patterns, which in practice were never used (dbus!44, Simon McVittie)

• Avoid a test failure on Linux when built in a container as uid 0, but
  without the necessary privileges to increase resource limits
  (dbus!58, Debian #908092; Simon McVittie)

• Don't overwrite PKG_CONFIG_PATH and related environment variables when
  the pkg-config-based version of DBus1Config is used in a CMake project
  (dbus#267, dbus!96; Clemens Lang)

• In CMake builds, respect GNUInstallDirs variables
  (dbus!77, Ralf Habacker)

• In CMake builds, don't rebuild documentation every time
  (dbus!94, Ralf Habacker)

• In CMake builds for Windows, don't require libiconv
  (dbus#262, dbus!100; Ralf Habacker)

• Fix intermittent build failures with parallel CMake
  (dbus#266, dbus!113; Simon McVittie)

• Don't assume we can set permissions on a directory, for the benefit of
  MSYS and Cygwin builds (dbus#216, dbus!110; Simon McVittie)

• Avoid test failures with non-trivial NSS modules
  (dbus#256, dbus!93; Simon McVittie)

• Fix test failures in test-syslog and test-sysdeps under Windows
  (dbus#238, dbus#243, dbus!61, dbus!62; Simon McVittie)

• Ensure that CTest build-time tests on Windows use the just-built
  libdbus-1-3.dll (dbus!83, Ralf Habacker)

• Don't take so long to run test-refs on Windows
  (dbus#244, dbus!65; Ralf Habacker)

• Fix memory leaks in tests (dbus!68, Simon McVittie)

• Avoid casting user-supplied pointers to DBusBasicValue *, which is
  formally undefined behaviour (dbus!69, Simon McVittie)

• Fix a non-exploitable stack array overrun in dbus-run-session on Windows
  (Ralf Habacker)

Tests and CI enhancements:

• Verify that the result of an Autotools `make dist` can be used for a
  successful CMake build (dbus#255, dbus!87; Simon McVittie)

• Rewrite Python tests into C to reduce circular dependencies and
  facilitate use of AddressSanitizer (dbus!37, Simon McVittie)

• Refactor tests to extract most of their code from the bus/ and dbus/
  directories, and break them up into smaller modules
  (dbus#223, dbus#240, dbus!1, dbus!99, dbus!73, dbus!74, dbus!75;
  Simon McVittie, Ralf Habacker)

• Do CI builds in a more minimal environment (dbus!63, Simon McVittie)

• Improve test coverage with CMake (dbus#135, dbus!23; Ralf Habacker)

• Avoid firewall exception requests when running build-time tests on
  Windows (dbus!64, Ralf Habacker)

• Allow use of Wine to run cross-compiled Windows tests on Linux
  (dbus!60, Ralf Habacker)

Internal changes:

• Rename DBusSocketSet to the more accurate DBusPollableSet
  (dbus!81, Ralf Habacker)

• Refactor Windows implementation of dbus-spawn
  (dbus!80; Ralf Habacker, Simon McVittie)

• Delete unused code from userdb module (dbus!92, Simon McVittie)

• Remove unnecessary _dbus_threads_init_debug() (dbus!72, Simon McVittie)

Simon McVittie, Collabora Ltd.
on behalf of the dbus maintainers

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