Announcing dbus 1.13.10

Lawrence D'Oliveiro ldo at
Mon May 13 23:24:25 UTC 2019

On Tue, 14 May 2019 00:05:32 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:

> Deprecations:
> • Third-party software should install default dbus policies for the
> system bus into ${datadir}/dbus-1/system.d (this has been supported
> since dbus 1.10, released in August 2015). ...
>   The ${datadir} applicable to dbus is usually /usr/share and the
>   ${sysconfdir} is usually /etc.

What are the thoughts on third parties putting stuff in /usr/share? I
thought that was meant for distro packages, or at least software that
plays nicely with the distro packaging system. Can policies also be
found somewhere else? /usr/local/share? Somewhere in /opt as well?

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