DeviceKit 002

David Zeuthen david at
Thu Nov 13 09:52:13 PST 2008


Here's a DeviceKit release. It's available from


DeviceKit 002

This is DeviceKit version 002, released on Nov 13, 2008.

DeviceKit is an abstraction for enumerating devices and listening to
device events. Any application on the system can access the
org.freedesktop.DeviceKit service via the system message bus. On
GNU/Linux, DeviceKit can be considered a simple D-Bus frontend to


   glib-2.0    >=  2.12
   dbus-glib-1 >=  0.76
   libudev     >=  130

It is expected that a few things may still change; in a couple of
releases we will guarantee a stable D-Bus and library ABI.

David Zeuthen
November 13, 2008

Thanks to all our contributors:

David Zeuthen (40):
      initial commit
      add mkinstalldirs
      add device class
      add some actualy code to retrieve data from the udev database
      import a copy of libkit from PolicyKit
      fix up docs
      avoid returning empty string for an empty strlist
      don't lie about property iteration if it was short circuited
      update to latest libkit from PolicyKit
      remove unused files
      be careful about what symbols we export
      completely redo how DeviceKit works
      forgot to add file
      add yet another missing file
      trawl both /sys/bus and /sys/class/devices when enumerating devices
      implement enumerating devices by native path
      build D-Bus docs
      copy the hash table to maintain integrity when DevkitDevice is reffed
      update TODO list
      update license
      update location of git repos
      update mailing list
      fix up include paths
      use gchar/gint instead of char/int in the public API
      use proper API for instance-private data to avoid leaking it
      update my email address
      update bug report URL
      export a 'daemon-version' property on the D-Bus service and the library
      update spec-to-docbook.xsl script
      move object path from / to /org/freedesktop/DeviceKit
      we're a fd.o project, not a GNOME project
      require dbus-glib-1 >= 0.76
      write README
      write NEWS
      fix bootstrapping to avoid having gtk-doc.make and mkinstalldirs in the tr
      fix make distcheck
      change the CFlags so users need the right include path
      document behavior of EnumerateBySubsystem when an empty array is passed
      rename to
      update NEWS for release

Kay Sievers (2): remove trailing tabs
      use libudev to retrieve udev events and udev device information

Richard Hughes (1):
      allow --subsystem and --monitor to be used together with devkit command line tool

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